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Project-Team TAO Thème Apprentissage & Optimisation common team to INRIA Saclay and LRI

The cross-fertilisation of machine learning, knowledge discovery and evolutionary computation is the main motivation for the PCRI TAO project, created in 2003 and merging most of the I&A group with part of the former INRIA Fractales group. On the one hand, evolutionary computation offers unrivalled opportunities for machine learning and knowledge discovery, specifically for investigating non-convex learning criteria and controlling the trade-off between the computational resources needed and the hypothesis quality (any-time algorithms). On the other hand, evolutionary computation will highly benefit from a principled, machine learning-based, exploitation of the wealth of data generated by an EC application. This data is at the moment poorly exploited, if at all.

The I&A - TAO group involves six highly coupled research themes that are detailed in their respective pages (see below).

Research themes

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