June, Tuesday 12th

14:30 (Shannon amphitheatre, 660 building) (see location )

Bérénice Huquet, Amandine Pierrot, Georges Hébrail

(EDF Lab Paris-Saclay)

Title: Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) problems and studies at EDF R&D


In this talk, we will first define NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring) which corresponds to the decomposition by usage of the electric power measured globally at the household/building level. Several problems can be considered from the simple detection of the presence of an appliance (ex. fridge, oven, …) to the estimation of the consumption of each appliance at each timestamp. Even if the sampling rate of the measured aggregated consumption may vary from MHz to a daily measure, we will focus here on an input sampling rate at 1Hz (a measure every second). We will present and discuss the approaches we are exploring today – based on deep learning -, the available data at EDF and the data generators we have developed to perform data augmentation.

Contact: guillaume.charpiat at inria.fr
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