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We are currently facing severe limitations on the number of PhD students we are allowed to supervise, and cannot take any more at the moment (end 2019), in particular after several "HdR" members left the team. Sorry about that.

It's over

Machine Learning and Optimization for Long Term Investment Planning

  • Robust Stochastic Continuous Optimization (September 2009)
    Funded by a ANR project OMD2
    Details will be posted soon - contact Anne Auger

  • Multi-objective optimisation of automobile engine (was October 2008)
    Funded by a CIFRE scholarship (PSA Peugeot Citroën)

  • Learning in collective robotics (was January 2008)
    see details

  • Automatic tuning of search and optimization algorithms: (was July 2007).
    see details

  • Approches évolutionnaires et hybrides pour la replanification d'horaires de trains: (was May 2007).
    Advisor Marc Schoenauer and Christelle Lerin (SNCF)
    Funded by a CIFRE scholarship (SNCF)

  • Segmentation et évolution artificielle pour la planification temporelle: (was Dec. 2006).
    Advisor Marc Schoenauer and Pierre Savéant (Thalès)
    Funded by a CIFRE scholarship (Thalès)

  • Evolutionary Generation of Test Data: (was Nov. 2006).
    Advisor Marc Schoenauer
    Funded by the European FP6 project EvoTest (Automatic Generation of Test Data for Complex Systems, http://complexsystems.lri.fr/evotest ).

  • Active Regression: (was Oct. 2006).
    Advisor Michèle Sebag
    Bourse Digiteo

  • Machine Learning for Evolutionary Robotics : was April 2006
    Advisors Michèle Sebag and Marc Schoenauer
    A CORDI position (i.e. available in priority to students from abroad).

  • Machine Learning and EGEE: was April 2006
    Advisors Cécile Germain and Michèle Sebag
    A CORDI position (i.e. available in priority to students from abroad).

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